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"When I came to Jennifer several years ago, it was out of desperation to find some means of alleviating recurrent migraines and difficulty sleeping. I had no knowledge of the difference between traditional acupuncture and five element acupuncture, but after just the first treatment I understood – and felt profoundly – the transformative effect of working with the energy of the whole body.  I came away from every session with a flushed sense of renewal.  My migraines have not returned, and sleep is deeper and longer. 


Not only is Jennifer a skilled practitioner of this method with decades of training, she is deeply intuitive and caring.  She seeks to understand more about her patients than simply their physical ailments and brings an intelligence and insight into her practice that is powerfully effective.  It almost feels like magic or alchemy, but it is, simply, her special ability to apply an ancient technique.  She has helped me enormously these last few years."

“I first sought out acupuncture for pregnancy-related sciatica. With Jennifer’s expertise I was pain-free within a few visits! I have since seen her for other issues and have found her to be competent, compassionate, and deeply dedicated to her patients and her craft.”

"I always leaned towards Western Medicine and thought of acupuncture as something you try when you have extra money or once your 'real Doctor' has you on the mend. Much to my surprise, acupuncture has changed my life. I may be so bold as to say in many ways it has saved my life. I was in recovery for many years and had progressed so far. My life had changed dramatically, and I lived happy, joyous, and pretty free. Still, there was something inside I could not reach. Something that recovery couldn’t quite free me of and I was tired of the battle. I also had zero words to communicate this when I knocked on Jennifer’s door. Jennifer is a kind, compassionate, and understanding human and practitioner. She is nonjudgmental, totally focused on her patients, listens carefully, and is 100% engaged.  Thanks to Jennifer and acupuncture I have had such an internal shift and feel lighter and freer than I ever have. My 'last stop' of acupuncture has become my go to. I feel extremely lucky to have found Jennifer."


“After a month-long round of antibiotics to treat a tick-borne illness, the infection had cleared but I was left feeling terribly depleted. I had very little energy, was unable to complete day-to-day tasks, and felt quite depressed. After treatment with Jennifer my energy greatly improved and I began to feel hopeful that I would recover completely and start to enjoy life again. After several more treatments I am almost completely recovered, both physically and emotionally. I feel very lucky to have found her for treatment.”

“Jennifer is a compassionate, professional, and talented acupuncturist. I must say what distinguishes her from most is her born gift to heal and connect spiritually to the individual. For me, being her patient has helped heal not only physical ailments, but also my soul. The stresses and burdens of daily life seem so distant once I leave her treatment room.”

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